Your Guide To Legal Advice

There are many cases where it is necessary to seek professional legal advice.
Many individuals, especially those who have never consulted a law firm, think that taking professional legal help or legal advice is always expensive and getting into a long drawn out legal battle. However, it is just the opposite.
In many cases, without proper legal representation it is not possible to exercise the legal rights that are available to every citizen of a country.
In many cases, without proper legal

Legal Advice

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Banksy Movie

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Michael asks…

Does anybody know where I can watch exit through the girft shop the Banksy movie online for free?
I want see it so bad, but its only in the UK. Is it playing anywhere in America? Any bootlegs? Anything?

Admin answers:
A lot of new movies are on this site but you can also find all the classics. You can watch different TV shows as well on the same website for free. Movies are full length and high quality. You have the

Banksy Movie

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Street Art

Today’s featured Street Art:
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Ruth asks…

What are some famous street artists?
Hi everyone, I need to know of some famous street artists for my graffiti art assignment as I have to write about each of them. I already know of Banksy’s work so if you would be able to tell me of some other famous street artists, that would be great. THANKS!!
Admin answers:
You should watch Banksy’s movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” It features a lot of


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Banksy Tattoo

Donald asks…

How about a Banksy tattoo with a chery blossom?
A Banksy graffiti tattoo with some cherry blossom petals…like flying with the balloon, stimulated by the wind.

I want to create a Banksy tatto for my back, what’s your opinion? Is it too messy? I’m not from the USA but from Argentina, and here there are not so many great artists like those in Miami, New York etc….so, I’d better design the tattoo myself.

Admin answers:
1. I would leave it as is, and get a cherry

Banksy Tattoo

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Banksy Wallpaper

David asks…

What is your favourite Banksy wallpaper?
Personally, my biggest influence is the most notorious yet incogneto graffitti artist there is: Banksy. The way he puts life into view and his street art of every day life are true yet absurdly bizzare. The pictures he creates with a graffiti spray can have more words to them then any book that was ever read.

He bought thousands of paris hilton CD’s revitilized them and put them back on shelves…

Here is one of my favourite

Banksy wallpaper

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David Choe

Today’s featured David Choe:
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Linda asks…

Does anyone know how can I get the David Choe effect with watercolors?
How can I get the David Choe effect with watercolors?
I just really admire this artist and want to get the same effect he does with watercolor. I don’t want to plagarize his work I just want to incorporate his style into my work.

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Admin answers:
I am going to

David Choe

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Libra for Android helps you track your weight using The Hacker’s Diet system


I’m getting fat; that’s what you see on the screenshot to the right — my gradual move from chubby to portly. But never mind the numbers, look at the pretty graph!

If you’ve ever read The Hacker’s Diet, this graph should be instantly recognizable. Each point shows the weight for a given day, while the trend line lets you see if you’re gaining or losing weight.

When I use my “main” PC, I have a homebrew solution for creating and maintaining this graph. But I’ve had to find a temporary solution for Android, and Libra is it.

It’s a beautifully simple app, very true to the spirit of The Hacker’s Diet. You can create a shortcut on your homescreen that brings you right into the data entry screen, so you just tap the shortcut every morning, feed in your weight for the day and hit OK, and then you get to see your progress (or lack thereof) on the graph.

The app remembers the previous day’s weigh-in, which makes it easy to enter today’s weight (as they’re usually not too different). The graph is zoomable and scrollable, and most importantly, you can export the data to CSV so you’re not locked into the app.

If you ever need to track your weight using an Android device for any period of time, Libra is one excellent solution.

Libra for Android helps you track your weight using The Hacker’s Diet system originally appeared on Download Squad on Thu, 31 Mar 2011 12:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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